Gabriel Diaz

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  • I love the way you’ve framed your work. Strong color and beautiful composition.

    Is that an eye in the background?

  • gabe

    Thanks oims4! This image was something that hit me one night before going to bed. I felt a strong urge to get out some supplies and recreate the image in my mind on paper. It so happens that the LA-Artist canvas card was on a
    night stand by the bed at that moment.

    The overall image represents world wide unity with no borders. Therefore, all lines represent the walls man kind has set across the globe that exclude other kinds beyond their own. The hands represent the rise of a generation who can see over these walls and unite nations. The colors represent all peoples and the beauty of being different. The rays atop represent life to all and the energy that we all receive. The red frame surrounding the image represents the power of will.

    • NP Gabe, the work’s powerful, inspiring and motivational. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It makes me want to work, i think i will. -oims4

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