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  • Jesshavok


    I’m contacting you today, because my mother Annette Jimerson, purchased cards from you, to put her art on, and be included on your site. And she has since worked the cards, and sent them back to you… But her name is not updated on your site, and the city “San Jacinto” isn’t even listed here. Could you give me an idea when it will updated?


    -Jessica Jimerson

    • Hi Jessica,

      When did your mother purchase the cards? We don’t usually sell the cards, we give them away. Anyone can order a pack of free cards online at

      I’m sorry your mother’s art hasn’t been posted. There’s a chance it was either lost in the mail or it wasn’t selected to be posted by the people who curate the site. I’ll have a look into it.

      In the mean time, your mother may want to order another pack of ArtCards at the link above.