Lucas Aardvark. Episode One

Video Produced by Oliver I. Shipley

In the early 20th century, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter was asked by a young man how to become a great lawyer. He advised the young man not to limit his studies to the law, but to embrace the study of all fields, including history, art, literature, science, sports, music, and culture.

Born in California in 1981, Lucas Aardvark’s ambitions and goals in life are centered upon artistic expression, yet he has taken an unorthodox approach towards reaching his goals. He believes that Justice Frankfurter’s wisdom applies to those who wish to become great artists, and although Aardvark has been an artist since birth, he has been a student of many fields all his life. He studied painting at the Art Institute of Chicago, earned a Master’s degree in Television and Film along with a Juris Doctorate from Syracuse University, and has practiced law in California. “An artist must be true to himself in order to create great work,” says Aardvark. “While craftsmanship is significant, it is most important for an artist to combine his knowledge, experiences, feelings, and emotional intelligence to create a work that resonates with the human race.”

With over twenty years experience in painting and drawing, Aardvark combines his technical skills with empathy, passion, and a strong left and right brain balance to effectively express himself through art. “This allows me to paint what I feel without pigeonholing myself into a formulaic, accepted-form of ‘academic’ art.” Intriguing paintings are expressed through subtlety; these subtleties in composition, color, texture, and expression are what Aardvark strives to produce.


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